Minstrel **Rehomed**

Minstrel is a beautiful handsome 5 month old boy who had the most terrible thing happen to him. He’s only 5 months old, but has already had a very very tough start.
Minstrel got caught in a snare (yes it’s disgusting, yes it’s sadly legal, and yes it’s horrific). Being snare trapped is terrifying for any animal and simply does not have a place in a humane society. Minstrel in his panic, tried to chew off his leg, writhed and thrashed and degloved his foot, which eventually set him free. Thanks to a very kind lady, we eventually managed to get him safely trapped and taken to our most amazing vets.
Minstrel has been in for over 3 weeks, requiring so much intervention to try and save his foot, and finally we can say that we are happy that his skin graft is suitably healed and he is making a phenomenal recovery.
Minstrel was a feral baby, and then has gone through a tremendous ordeal. He’s just learning that life can get better and that people are kind and not painful. Minstrel will need
✓ a calm, quiet and patient home
✓ no unexpected noise and fast movement
✓ a small area he can exist in while he build confidence in his new surroundings and people
✓ can live with other cats and dogs who are calm and kind
✓ older children or adult family only
Please don’t apply for him if you don’t want to spend some time gaining his trust, this boy has been through so much in such a short time that we want him to know only peace, calm and happiness from now. He’s currently in foster in Arlesey, beds.
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