Simba **Rehomed**

Meet Simba 😍 4 year old staff mix boy.
Simba loves everyone, he has a typical staffie desire to LOVE HIS PEOPLE and we are working on him understanding that we are always coming back, and settling down is important.
Simba is a cheeky monkey, such a smart boy, who loves other dogs, and is very playful. If told off by another dog, he backs off nicely, and he’s most happy living with other dogs for company. Simba is currently in foster with cats, and can live with them as long as they are bold and will tell him his place, otherwise he thinks they want to play and will give chase (non aggressive just wanting fun).
Simba is a little boisterous so may not suit a very busy home with small children, but is ideal for a family with children over about 8 ish.
Simba has good recall (unless there’s something super interesting to sniff😂) and when he hears a treat getting ready, he’s back by your side.
Simba sleeps quietly in his crate overnight and can be left for short periods, but this is a work in progress and his new home must continue to work on this- he’s not destructive, just attention seeking when left, but this has improved hugely in foster.
Simba is currently in foster near Royston, Herts, and is looking for a new home with plenty of cuddles on offer 😍 if you are interested in him please fill out a form here