Poppet **Rehomed**

Poppet is a beautiful young lady of about a year old. She came to us as a stray which means we have no history on her from before this point.
Poppet was clearly not well socialised as a pup and came to us with not only an emaciated body, but a worried and fearful way of interacting with the world.
Poppet was initially very wary of other dogs, but over time has come to rely on them for feeling more confident, and has now begun to interact really nicely, cuddle up and play with others. We are absolutely clear that her socialising and positive interaction needs to continue, and would like her to have a good role model to go to, in an already established doggy companion. Poppet loves people and is very playful, enjoying the company of older children to play ball and run around with.
Poppet settles nicely when left for a few hours and is crate and house trained well. She’s a delight to have around, but needs ongoing work around positive interactions outside of the house, although this is hugely improved. Poppet needs to continue to gradually put on weight too, as she is still a very slender frame. She’s more than likely a crossbreed of a few breeds, but will remain as a small/medium light framed dog of around cocker spaniel size.
If you feel you have the kindness, patience and time to help Poppet continue to develop her worldly wiseness then please fill out an enquiry form here.
Please note priority will be given to those who have a good role model dog for Poppet to bond to, and those who have enquired previously.