Jessie **Rehomed**

Jessie is a nearly 4 year old terrier girl. Typical terrier, would love to chase anything small and furry, so definitely no homes with cats/ small animals anywhere accessible.

Jessie has a fantastic temperament, loves children, loves adults and loves other dogs. She’s quite a bouncy girl and loves playtime, but with good food, good boundaries and calm, consistent minding, she is a poppet.

Jessie would love an active home, she would love to share with another dog if they are playful and fun loving, she’s kind and happy to share the sofa, a crate and her people with no issues.

Jessie can be left for up to 4 hours with no problems and is calm for this time. She is crate trained an house trained, and is great our and about in both the car and on the lead. Jessie would need careful management of off lead time, so secure spaces ideally to safeguard other little species.

If you think you have a Jessie sized space on your lap and in your home, please fill out a form here