Tina 3yr Lab cross

Retina (Tina) is a beautiful 3 year old lab cross girl, who is fit and healthy and ready for lots of life adventures.
She loves everyone, and is very friendly to other dogs, but needs to have boundaries as she can become a bit overbearing and needy if allowed to be, and definitely suffers from fear of missing out!😂
Tina is very trainable and would love to do some agility or scent work, she loves balls, has boundless energy and learns fast and just wants to please, so is an all round cracking dog, looking for an outlet for both her mental and physical energy.
Tina is very affectionate and loves cuddles whenever she can her them, but her fear of missing out on anything going on means she will very quickly become your shadow, and needs to be encouraged to stand on her own paws too, and be discouraged from being over reliant on her humans.
She is perfectly house trained and is good at night but needs to build up her confidence at being left alone for periods of time, so her new home will definitely have someone around a lot of the time, who is prepared to work on encouraging her to be more happy with being independent when left.
Tina would be happy in a calmer home with older children only, who aren’t unpredictable, as she can be worried by small children who she finds a bit disconcerting. Tina will thrive on training and exercise that both encourages her to use her brain but also to exercise her off switch to enjoy calm times too.
We are looking for a home for Tina with plenty of opportunities for training and with some experience settling a dog into a new home, and encouraging all the right activities and behaviours to help her continue her progress. Please ensure that you provide the information, and also include how much time someone is at home, in your enquiry.
Tina is currently in foster in Weston, near Baldock, Herts. She is ready for her new home now, so please only apply if you are in a position to proceed with the adoption from now.
If you are interested in her please fill out the form here and please note that we are unable to return all enquiries but if you receive the bounce back email then you have successfully submitted your enquiry.