Henna – **Rehomed**

Meet Henna who is the most gorgeous year old ridgeback girl, who truly had the most awful start.
Henna has some visual defect in one eye, as a result of some kind of trauma in her past, and has been extremely shy especially with new people, collars and leads (massively improved).
Henna has some residual issues around meeting new people and being very insecure when left, which her excellent fosterers have been working on. Henna is incredibly dog friendly and relies on a comfy, calm and well rounded confident dog(s) to help her decipher a scary world into a calmer place, but she also loves playtime and needs a friendly paw who will want to do zoomies and play rough and tumble games like all young dogs do.
Henna needs a home where things can be taken at a calm pace, with people who will allow her to blossom, and who have plenty of time to allow her to get used to being left. She is still a chewing puppy who needs to finish learning that being left is ok, and she needs kind but fair boundaries.
Henna is currently in foster in Cambridge, and we will be looking for a new family for her who are prepared to meet her a few times to gain her confidence and who have at least one well rounded dog who will help her learn the ropes. Experience with nervous and worried dogs would be of huge benefit, and a stable and calm home with limited new visitors will really help her settle in, so we would advise teenage children or older families who can be quite structured with introductions.
If you are interested in this beautiful young lady, who will blossom into the most loyal and gorgeous friend, please fill out this form and please note that we are unable to return all enquiries ???? (Please note if you do not get a bounce back email luna.ar@hotmail.co.uk with your enquiry)