Willow -**Rehomed**

Willow will now need to find her own family. She needs to continue to put on weight but is now around 22kg and will be eventually approximately 26/27kg when slim but correct weight. Willow is a young girl of not quite 2 years old
****Please read this description very carefully, as she is not a straightforward dog ****
Willow came to us utterly emaciated, and completely terrified of everything in the world. Noise, hands, movement, cars, leads, men….. you name it, it scared the life out of her.
Willow has taken some steps towards being brave, and has learned that she is, on the whole, ok to let her guard down in the house. But… and its a big but…. the blind panic and sheer terror rears its head on a regular basis.
Willow is and will continue to be, for some time, a major flight risk outside of the house, and will need to remain on her slip lead and triple point harness at all times.
Willow needs to continue to work on interactions all being positive and reinforcing her removing herself when she is worried, by taking herself to her bedroom which is her crate. Willow has learned to come forward to greet people in her own time, but can be very grumbly when unsure. Willow has never ever shown any aggression, and her grumbles are very much her requesting space and showing that she is scared, but could easily be misinterpreted and not reacted to effectively.
Willow has lived with children aged 7 up in foster, but due to her fears around new people, we will be looking for a quiet home for her, where there will not be lots of visitors, or indeed anyone who has loud or unpredictable residents or guests.
Above all else, we will be looking for someone with one or more stable, calm and medium to large dogs in their home. She cannot and will not be made to live as an only dog as they are the only thing that bolster her confidence. Willow cannot live with cats as she is over interested in them.
Willow is superbly crate trained, very nearly house trained and is fine to be left for up to 4 hours with chewy treats.
Willow is currently in foster in Stotfold, Herts, and adopters will be required to meet her several times prior to adoption so that she views them as safe people before she is expected to live with them .
This is huge for Willow, we cannot afford to get it wrong, and we owe it to her to ensure that her new owners are 100% dedicated to keeping her safe, and making sure that they deal with any issues arising proactively and sensibly.
Please please if you are experienced and can provide the stability, ongoing training, calm and positive interaction and are most definitely in for the long haul, fill out her adoption form here and please note that we are unable to return all enquiries.