Sylvester & Stalone

Meet Sylvester (darker feathers) and Stallone…. they are a pair of 6 week old pekin bantam boys…. found at less than a week old leaving Luton airport (we presume after a lads holiday)??
These guys are very handsome and handleable but they need their own ladies now and their own families. They are off heat, eating chick crumb and ready for an outdoor life.
They are super little guys, who will not only be very handsome but stay small, so are easy on the girls, and will go separately to new homes where they can each have their own flocks ??
Sylvester and Stallone are just beginning to get their big boy voices (cue strange gurgling type sounds ?) but obviously longer term will crow once its daylight (keeping their coop very dark will reduce early morning crowing).
Please don’t overlook these little dudes just because they are boys, this is unfortunately a common side effect of both the egg industry and school hatching programmes…. the boys deserve a chance to be happy and loved just as much as the girls ❤
Please send us a message or fill out an enquiry form here if you can house one of these lovely boys