Pickle -**Rehomed**

Meet Pickle, a beautiful 3 year old lurcher who suffered the most horrific broken leg you have ever seen ???? and was hobbling her way around as a stray. After 4 months including 2 major surgeries, and a whole heck of a lot of crate rest and gradual exercise introduction, Pickle is ready to meet the world.
Pickle is the most gorgeous, fun, happy go lucky girl you could meet. She loves other dogs and is playful and enjoys spending time with them. Very small fluffy dogs are fine as long as they are not squeaky or wimpy, and as soon as they remind her they are a dog, she is fine with them. As with many lurchers, offlead this over excitement can spill into prey drive and would need to be managed safely.
Pickle is suitable for approximately over 8 year old children as she loves to full on hug you ???? and can be bouncy for little ones to understand. Pickle loves having doggy friends but doesn’t have to go with a dog companion. She is crate trained, and if given opportunity to go out regularly, is house trained.
Pickle is a foodie and given the chance (she’s had to scavenge to survive don’t forget) she will snifle a little food that’s on the side near her…. but let’s be honest, we are all fridge pickers when not watched ????????
Pickle is currently on a gradually increasing exercise plan, and is doing really well, but should anything happen to her affected leg, Luna will cover her for life to ensure that she gets what she needs. Pickle is in foster in Arlesey, Beds and is ready for her new family now. If you are interested in her please fill out this form and please note that we are unable to return all enquiries ???? (If you do not receive a bounce back email please do email us directly at luna.ar@hotmail.co.uk)