Biancha – **Rehomed**

Meet Biancha who is now ready for her new family, after a very difficult past involving losing her owner in tragic circumstances. Biancha is a 4 year old doberman girl, who has undergone some extensive training in the past 5 weeks to ready her for her new home.
Biancha is friendly, affectionate and gentle, and although she might initially appear a little aloof she is actually very good at being handler focused. She is a sensitive soul, who can be anxious, but is also easily consoled.
Biancha is crate trained (must be crated when left as scavenges as well due to past) and walks beautifully on a collar or a harness and short or long line. She is muzzle trained for any times needed, but is non reactive. Biancha is great travelling and has no issues with being left for periods of up to 4 hours once she has settled in her environment.
Biancha requires a moderately active home with daily walks and some focus on enrichment & mental stimulation for her, such as simple obedience training and confidence building. She is not a demanding dog but she will become bored and depressed if her needs are not met which could lead to behavioural issues.
Biancha has been around sensible and calm children 10+ in foster and has been very appropriate and gentle around them, but given her sad history we will be looking for a home with older children or adult only home as she absolutely requires a stable and predictable household.
Biancha has lived with 3 other dogs in foster and has formed a lovely bond with these dogs, and we would be happy to accept applications from owners with other dogs, who understand structured introductions to another balanced and neutral dog, but also would be fine to live as an only dog.
Biancha has a few quirks, she is terrified of needles and having her feet held for clipping, can be nervous in open spaces until she knows the area, and will potentially always be a flight risk so may possibly not go offlead. Biancha may be noisy when unsettled, and whistling is a particular trigger for her, and at these times positive and calm communication is needed, and she settles quickly when offered a safe space in her crate, with soothing music and a duvet cover and reassurance.
Biancha is in foster in Henlow, Beds and her fosterer has done huge amounts of training with her and will continue to offer support once she goes to her new home. Biancha is ready for her new home now, and will need to meet her new owners a few times to get to know her before a new home.
If you are interested in her, please fill out this form and please note that we are unable to return all enquiries ????. If you do not receive a bounce back email please do email us directly at