Matthew – **Rehomed**

Meet Matthew who is the most loveliest young lad of about a year, who has the best cheeky grin and happy, smiley disposition 🥰
Matthew found himself in the pound and was unclaimed poor boy. After being initially confused, he has settled beautifully into his foster home and is proving to be an absolute sweetheart.
Matthew adores other dogs and will play for hours with anyone who will play with him. He is incredibly dog friendly and will go for walks with any dogs quite happily. He will love a new home that has resident dogs who want to interact with him.
Matthew is still moderately strong on the lead, and displays a very common collie trait of car chasing given the opportunity, so is much better in a semi rural type environment. It’s unclear what Matthew has witnessed in terms or loud noises as he is utterly terrified of gunshot, loud bangs or fireworks and will bolt immediately and flatten to the floor 😭. This means that he is a flight risk offlead currently and will require some ongoing training to enable him to be more confident with noises and to be less scared.
Matthew is currently in foster in Henlow, and is ready to meet his new family. He is friendly and really well behaved, but being a young and leggy boy he is bouncy and so older, robust children will suit him better.
Matthew will absolutely thrive with plenty of exercise, and could train into hoopers, agility, and canicross, and someone who understands the collie brain and the love of a physical and mental challenge will simply adore this boy.
Matthew is crate trained and house trained, travels well in the car or van and can be easily left for a few hours and will settle well after exercise and with a nice chewy treat.
If you feel you are able to offer Matthew a stimulating, fun and loving home, please fill out this form and please note that we are unable to return all enquiries 🙂 please put as much information on as possible as we use this to guide what will best fit for him 😊