Amoli – **Rehomed**

Meet gorgeous little guy Amoli who was found straying in the most horrific condition… he had awful skin which was falling off him in places, was seriously underweight and had an awful broken leg which must have been horrendously painful. He’s probably about 2 years old and is quite a slender lurcher boy, and to think what this poor shy little lad has endured doesn’t bear thinking about 💔
Amoli has been with us for a couple of months, and is now doing really well and is ready for the next stage of his journey. He is a shy, timid but sweetheart of a lad, who loves playing with toys and ‘reallocating’ them to his bed 🤣. He loves playing with other dogs and is very sociable and dog friendly, and will need a well rounded dog or dogs to go with who can keep reminding him that he is safe now and won’t be hurt again.
Amoli has had a plate put in his leg, and is getting back up to full speed and the vets are happy that he needs no further treatment for this, but Luna will cover that leg for his future to ensure that anything he does need gets sorted out.
Amoli is house trained, absolutely loves a crate made into a den (will absolutely have to go with one to start with as he uses it as his safe space), travels well in the car, and can be left happily for a few hours. Amoli is a gentle lad who has obviously had lots to worry about, so he would prefer an understanding home, with older and calm and quiet 12 plus children, who are kind and gentle too. Amoli can walk around busier areas but would prefer a more semi rural lifestyle or walks in quieter places to help build his confidence, as he is wary of new things and likes to hide and watch from a distance while he gains his trust.
If you feel you are able to give this gorgeous kind poppet of a lad his fresh start, and you have a kind dog or dogs who he can come and be alongside and play gently with, hen please fill out this form and please note that we are unable to return all enquiries.
Amoli is in foster in Letchworth, Herts and will take time to warm up to new people as he will be initially fearful, but he is the kindest soul and will give back love in bucketloads once he has found his comfort zone ♥