Mango and Chutney – **Rehomed**

Mango (white) and Chutney (Black and white) are beautiful 6 month old girls who can go together or apart.
They are beautiful little girls, Mango loves other cats and will want someone to play with, whether that is her sister or not. Chutney is a bit more timid and is used to being the bottom of the pile, so definitely can’t go with bold cats who may push her around, and would be happy either with her sister or with another kind cat.
Mango and Chutney have both been used to living with lots of other cats in an indoor only, quiet environment so they will need to either stay as indoor cats, or have access to a safe environment to learn all about the world in. Both of these lovely young ladies are in foster in Wilstead Beds, and are ready for their new home now so please don’t apply to adopt them unless you are in a position to proceed to adopt them.