Mahjong **Rehomed**

Mahjong is a beautiful 7 month old mixed breed medium sized slim girl, possibly with some sighthound in her. She’s a little underconfident, but this is gradually diminishing and she is thriving in foster care and gradually realising the world is a fun and exciting place to learn new things.

She’s the size and shape to excel at doggy sports such as agility, canicross or similar, and has a quick mind so will love attending training. Mahjong can live with cats and children quite happily, and anyone applying needs to already have a dog who is ready for a friend- Mahjong takes confidence from a doggy pal so we won’t be rehoming her without one.
She is almost fully house trained, crate trained and settles well for a few hours when left.

If you are interested in Mahjong please fill out an enquiry form and we will work through them in order. Those who have previously enquired about other dogs and with the correct set up to match Mahjong’s needs will be prioritised x