Macey 4 yr old cross **Rehomed**

Macey is a 4 year old small crossbreed with a curly coat and the cutest little face. She may be small but her character is mighty ? and she’s certainly not a beginners dog.

She is quite a vocal girl, but responds very well to knowing what is expected of her, she’s much calmer and quieter now than when she first arrived with us, but will still tell you when people are approaching or the postman is coming (in case you didn’t know they only appoint really scary people as postmen and women ?). She’s much much better at meeting and greeting new people, but remains hesitant and can cower and back away when she’s fearful- a treat and a few minutes of total ignorance and suddenly shes leaping up and wanting a cuddle.

Macey is fine with other dogs once she knows them, however is likely to prefer to be the only dog in the house as she can be quite controlling about other dogs moving around, and will grumble in a ‘how very dare you’ way at them ?

Macey has lived with children before, but due to her hesitancy, we won’t be rehoming her with resident children under 12, and any visiting children will need to accept that she needs space, and her new owners will need to afford her that protection.

Macey is a cutie, and deserves to find her happy place with someone who can give her the space and time to blossom. Macey will come with a training session included, and prospective owners will be actively encouraged to attend regular training to build her confidence.

If you think you can give Macey what she needs, please fill out an Enquiry Form