Kenya **Rehomed**

Kenya is the most stunning tabby young lady of about 2 ish years old. She was originally brought in as a feral but quickly became used to a home environment, and once she trusts you she is incredibly affectionate. Kenya will need a kind, calm and patient new home.
Kenya has had a few big changes to her life and did do a little hair pulling and had a steroid injection, but simultaneously made friends with a cat next to her and immediately was much more relaxed. We are not sure if she will need allergy management longer term however it is likely that once she is going back out, this won’t be an issue, as she had none of this when found.
Kenya definitely wants a friendly, playful and interactive cat friend when she is rehomed. Despite being shy initially, kenya can go with older children and she really bonded beautifully to one little girl in foster care on her way to us. Kenya is also dog friendly ?