Jiminy Cricket **Rehomed**

Little Jiminy Cricket is a 2 and a half year old small mixed breed terrier sized boy, who had a tough start and was very much under socialised as a youngster.

This little guy has come on a long long way, is much less anxious to the outside world and is a very very sweet natured dog, who loves cuddles and is extremely loyal and affectionate. 

He is both house and crate trained and is now a happy greeter of visitors to the house, however needs ongoing work on greeting when out and about, as he can become over excited at times.

This lad is very playful, and once bonded would absolutely love to share his life with a dog friend full or part time who will also do rough and tumble games.

New owners will need terrier type experience, this boy is a sweetheart but will try his luck at pushing boundaries, and needs fairness and consistency- he’s still learning after spending most of his life shut away .

This boy would excel at a sport or discipline working his mind, hes a busy boy but needs focus and mind work as opposed to just exercise, that said yes also a fab little running/canicross dog 

If you think you have space for this little dude, please fill out a form Here