Jager – 5 yr old Daxi x Staffy

Meet Jäger who is a 5 year old daxi x staff type with a long body and short legs. Jäger is a little dog with a big personality, he knows what he likes and he also knows that some things make him uncomfortable.
Jäger is currently in foster with other dogs, who he absolutely loves, however his new doggy pals need to be in a similar vein, he needs non confrontational, non sweary 😉 friends, who help him to feel settled and calm, and who don’t mind him watching from the sidelines and gradually allowing him to play with them, which he loves doing once he is confident.
Jäger is super outside the home, loves running and playing with his friends and seems quite socially accepting out of his own environment, and enjoys going to different places with his people. Jäger at home feels more easily destabilised by visitors and may nip at feet of people who feel threatening to him and who don’t react well and cause him to worry more.
Jäger will need an adult, experienced family where he is allowed to relax with his people, and to not feel encroached on by multiple visitors, and allowed to have a safe space away from them initially. Jäger is crate trained and therefore this is very easily achieved for him.
Jäger is currently in foster in St Albans and has been extensively assessed by his current foster family, whom he clearly loves very much, and who are what we need to replicate to create a safe and forever home for him 💙
Jäger has a huge amount of love, wagging, fun and play to share with a new family, we just need to work together to find the right set up for him to enable him to have a super happy life 🤞 if you are interested in him, and have the necessary skills and experience and a lovely, kind, calm set up for him, please fill out this form and please note that we are unable to return all enquiries 🙂