Daisy **Rehomed**

Meet Daisy the Dallie, she is a 1 year old girl who somehow found herself unclaimed and in the pound system ????
Daisy had had very little in the way of formal training, and was like Tigger when she came to us, but has had lots of intensive training and is really proving how lovable and smart she is.
Daisy is hugely food driven so makes training very easy when you have high value treats ???? but also means you have to be careful what food you leave unattended as she’s still learning that not everything edible is HERS ????
Daisy can be strong out and about, but she is learning to do lots of checking in/look at me work with treats and is definitely becoming less of an unruly teenager ????
Daisy loves with all her heart, she loves kids and she loves other dogs…. she loves cuddling her people and she loves her doggy companions and cuddles them too. She would love to live in a family home with another dog who is a robust and well trained dog who she can rely on. Children need to be big enough and dog savvy enough to contend with a bouncy, boisterous baby.
Daisy is crate and house trained, and silent overnight, however…… she really does have FOMO and will loudly protest if she thinks she is missing out on stuff that everyone else is doing during the day ????????
Daisy is an ongoing project dog, she will be a superb, athletic and bright dog as well as a stunner, so she needs continued training, guidance and a consistent approach to help her finish rounding into a brilliant adult.
She’s currently in foster in Letchworth, Herts and is ready to meet her new people. Please note Daisy will not be rehomed with cats or small furries as she is too exuberantly overexcited by them. If you are interested in her please fill out this form and please note that we are unable to return all enquiries ???? please ensure all family members are on board prior to any application, and please complete as much information as possible to help us know whether Daisy matches you ????