Cornflake (9 months) and Walrus (18 months) male cats

Meet Cornflake (ginger boy) and Walrus (Black boy) who are father and son and as you can see are very bonded ❤️
These boys are both only young, Walrus is 18 months and Cornflake 9 months, and have their whole lives ahead of them. They are beautiful, smart, clean cats who are friendly and sweet albeit a little shy to start with.
Cornflake and Walrus really want to stay together, they cuddle together and groom eachother and we really don’t want to split them up. They are looking for a new one where they can have plenty of affection, a failry quiet house, and people to love.
The boys are in foster in Wilstead, Beds and if you are interested in them, please fill out this form.