Cassia – **Rehomed**

Cassia is a beautiful little 4 year old girl, who has proved herself to be the sweetest little dog you could meet.
Cassia is confident and affectionate with people, and often silly, playful and snuggly. She can do little affectionate mouthing and nips when excited, which may bother small children or strangers, but there is no malice, its purely little love play. Cassia has lived with young children and was said to be good with them, with no issues.
Cassia is very sociable with other dogs, and it would be nice for her to have doggy company when her people are out. She has shared a bed with other dogs and has tried to get everyone to play with her at different times. She is not submissive, though, and if a dog shouts in her face, she’ll shout back. But spats are forgiven and forgotten quickly.
On walks, she is very interested in other dogs, and would run up if not on lead at the moment, and this will require training, but when she needs dogs she is confident and sometimes playful. She is currently having daily walks, often of 3 to 4 miles, and would go out again given the chance. She is still on a longline, as, though responsive a lot of the time, she is very excited by wildlife, and would chase everything from a sparrow to a deer, again a training opportunity in her new home.
Cassia came to us described as an itchy dog, but this is kept under control with a grain free diet, salmon oil and an antihistamine a day.
Cassia sleeps well, settles in her crate very easily, with a treat, and is fine to be left for periods during the day of a few hours.
Cassia was kept outside in her younger years, and as a result, can still have accidents in the house and her house training is still a work in progress, so if you feel unable to support this, then please don’t apply.
She is a lovely dog, who loves to be included, and it would be lovely to find her a home where she can have all the love and company, and experiences she’s missed out on at the centre of her human and/or doggy family.
Cassia is currently in foster in St Albans, and is now ready for her new family. If you feel you are a match for her, please ensure you have fully read her description, and include as much information as possible on this form and please note that we are unable to return all enquiries. Cassia is an absolute little poppet and deserves her new people so much ❤