Bali **Rehomed**

Bali is a 6 month old broken coated lurcher who is looking for a new family. She is extremely dog friendly and thinks everyone wants to be her new best friend? although if they tell her off, she never responds aggressively, and loves all humans including children. She is a complete food thief as she was quite underweight when arriving with us, and will take food if it’s readily accessible. 
She is very good on the lead and loves to be out and about meeting everyone, however can still be understandably excited about this. 
Bali absorbs training and if you are an active person, with time to do a variety of activities with her she will thrive.
Bali is house trained and is clean in the house. Bali is crate trained and at night is absolutely silent from 11-7 very happily now. Daytimes are improving, but she can be noisy when left, however is settling better and with a kong or chewy treats will now be able to be left at times during the day, but would much prefer a house where she is with people the majority of the time.
We are looking for a house for her with either an existing calm, well trained dog for her to model on or as an only dog with access to training time. 
If you are interested in Bali please fill out an Enquiry Form