Astrid and Orion **Rehomed**

Astrid and Orion are a pair of little pug crosses who are very much bonded and are about 5 years old who are available for adoption. They play together and cuddle up together and are very much a ready made couple.

The larger of the two is Astrid and she is super friendly with everyone and everything, the quieter and more snuggly of the two, and definitely the one who needs to be watched not to overindulge in yummy things ?.

Little Orion is a bit more barky at exciting things, and needs some encouragement to stay calm and concentrate on listening. He’s much smaller framed than Astrid and needs to make sure that he has time and space to eat his food and that his big sister doesn’t steal it from under his nose.

They are very happy out and about on the lead, and although can be a little over excited barky, are happy meeting any other dogs, and happy with all sizes of people.

They are very definitely bonded and won’t be split for rehoming, they are crate and house trained, and can live both with children and other dogs but have previously chased cats so won’t be likely to be rehomed with them, although not formally cat tested whilst with us.

If you are interested in this pair, please send us an enquiry form here