Willow **Reserved**

Willow is a beautiful, athletic and fit 2 year old fox red lab who suffered horrific abuse and was nearly starved to death, at just 14kg.
Now an absolute picture of health, her body doesn’t show what she went through, but her mind does…. she will need the most understanding and capable home to continue the 6 months of work put into her so far. She is terrified of so many things outside the home, but has so so much to offer, she is the most affectionate, funny and characterful dog once you get beyond her fears.
Willow is in foster in Stotfold, Herts and will need multiple introductions and lots of time to be able to trust, but she is so worth it. ❤️
If you are interested in her, please check you meet her needs
● other stable, ideally large and settled dogs.
● kind, understanding and patient home where boundaries will be respected and instructions to allow her to succeed will be followed.
●continue to give her a safe space with her covered crate and allow her to use it when ever she chooses.
● few visitors, with allowance made for her to give herself space (she has this skill)
● no cats
● very secure garden and happy with off lead opportunities only in dog park/ enclosed spaces.
This girl is a legend, she loves with all her heart when she trusts, but she is damaged.
Please be realistic with what you can offer, but if you feel like she could love you forever, then submit this form thank you ????