Spook – **Rehomed**

Introducing “Spook”, this boy is pure love on legs. He is the picture perfect dog with a character to match.
Spook is extremely people friendly and the more people he can find to fuss him the happier he is. He is also good with children but due to his size and his exuberant personality we are looking for a home with teenagers upwards. He has just celebrated his 5th birthday 🎂
Spook is very dog friendly but has always lived as an only dog. He is in foster with other dogs currently but can get a little jealous when he’s not centre of attention and can be a little precious over his bed and personal effects!
For that reason we are looking for him to be the only dog in the home.
Spook absolutely loves walking with doggy friends and he would do really well to make some regular walking buddies, he can be a little unsure when walked on his own, but this is easily worked on as he settles and his confidence grows.
Despite being a bulldog Spook does enjoy a decent walk in the countryside, and racing round parks at 100mph. He also has a love for muddy puddles!
Spook has a lot of energy and we are looking for a home that has previous experience of bulldogs or bullbreeds who are willing to give kind, positive boundaries. Spook like most Bulldogs chooses his stubborn moments well. He can get a bit overexcited and ummmm a little bit humpy. This is something that has been worked on whilst in foster and he is learning to respect a firm “no” and a good distraction.
Spook is crate trained and is used to sleeping in a crate with the door open. He also settles very well when the door is closed and he needs some time to relax and switch off. Using a crate for spook is imperative in his new home, he welcomes the security and feels safe in it.
Spook is totally clean in the house and eats well.
Like many bulldogs Spook will need some basic skincare, with regular gentle cleaning of the skin folds on his face. He has just been on a course of steroids as his skin was inflamed when he arrived, this has settled nicely and he has been changed to a good quality grain free food. This will all hopefully keep any flare ups at bay going forward but he may need the occasional course of steroids or a small regular dose to keep any itchy skin at bay.
This boy is a one off, and they don’t come along very often. A loving funny super friendly boy who really needs his own forever family.
He can be left for 3/4 hours but this will need to be slowly built up over a few weeks whilst he settles into his new home and new routine.
Spook cannot live with cats 🐈 or have access to small furries or chickens as he does chase and he would cause harm if he caught them.
Please give as much info as possible when submitting your enquiry, which gives us an idea on how Spook will fit into your lives.
*** PLEASE NOTE – SPOOK IS IN FOSTER IN GOXHILL, NORTH LINCOLNSHIRE *** Please factor this in to your application.