Quince ** Rehomed**

Meet Quince who is going to be 8 months old and is a stunning little lad with no issues. Quince is people and dog and cat and child friendly, but being a young spaniel he is very definitely full of fun, and life is very much for living at a full speed ahead pace ?

Quince will require a home with lots of both mental and physical stimulation appropriate for a growing and developing boy. He is a blank canvas and for an active family who want to get involved in doggy disciplines and do plenty of training, he will absolutely thrive.

Quince is settled when left for a couple of hours, and is house clean and for a young puppy, apart from his exuberance he is respectful of the house. He needs to continue to work on calming his behaviour, and being not quite so over zealous with his greetings of visitors, and is not suitable at the moment for people who are worried/ vulnerable around jumping up. This is a skill he needs to work on, but will fall in place quickly once he works out the rewards for paws on floor ?

Quince is currently in foster in St Neots, and is ready for adoption now. Please note that Quince will require input, he is young and bouncy and lively and this needs channelling. We will specifically be looking for enquiries with people who understand the spaniel activity ethic, and/or who want to spend time engaging and developing his training to give him a full and rewarding lifestyle.

Quince can live with other dogs and cats, and can go with children (although he is boisterous so children need to be robust enough to absorb this through his training period).

We anticipate that Quince being handsome, young, and having no issues will mean he is very popular…… please put as much information on the form as possible as this is what informs our decisions when choosing new homes for our animals ?