Pringle **Rehomed**

Pringle is such a handsome lad, he has been out doing some fundraising for us, and been out making friends with everyone. He’s an absolutely gorgeous happy boy. His foster mum says this-

‘Pringle is a lovely 6 year old greyhound cross who loves nothing more than going out for walks with his friends and then snoozing away the day. Pringle loves the company of other dogs so needs to live with at least another one for company. He can be left for 4 hours and won’t have moved from his bed. Like most sighthounds Pringle finds cats and squirrels very interesting so can’t be homed with a cat. He is good with children if a bit bouncy but that’s just because he wants to say hello and play.’

If you have a Pringle shaped space in your home, please fill out a form here