Nutmeg **Rehomed**

Meg, as she has become known is a large, beautiful and bouncy girl who has a great nature but is a bit of a clutz sometimes. She is very sweet and loves to be with her humans and other dogs too. Meg learns quickly and easily and soon copies the other dogs in her foster home.

Due to her size and clumsy nature, any other animals meg lives with will need an element of patience and calmness. Meg has lived with a number of other dogs and only one reactive dog has caused issues, but these were not from Meg and all others have been fine. Meg has also lived with a number of cats and showed no problems towards them.

Meg is very quick to learn and only too happy to please once she knows what is being asked of her, she is 100% clean in the home and non destructive as well, she is used to being crated and now goes in her crate when asked to, especially at food times :-), she may not always happy about being left but she does soon settle and is so happy to see you when her humans get home.

Meg would benefit from having people around a lot of the time as well as further training and socialisation, and this is something Luna could assist with. We are sure that despite her challenges Meg will make a fantastic pet and a great companion in the right home and environment.