Murray **Rehomed**

Murray is a stunning 2 year old Lurcher male who has made the most excellent recovery after a car crash that left him with a nasty broken foot (it has been pinned, is healed nicely and he’s using it perfectly).

Murray loves everyone, although he’s a little shy to begin with, has a beautiful gentle nature with children and lives happily with absolutely any other dogs and loves to play with them. He has also met his foster family cat with no problems. He has had no accidents in his foster home and has learnt from the dogs he is staying with to go out when needed. Murray is also crate trained and quiet when left with no issues, however he would ideally like either a doggy friend or at least someone who’s around most of the time as he’s come to realise how much he loves having friends.

He’s not too confident on walks, being naturally scared of cars now and is gradually working on this and making excellent progress. He is easy on the lead but will need a confident owner who can help him understand that he no longer needs to be scared.

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