Merlin **Rehomed**

MERLIN is the most gorgeous 11 month old tall lurcher boy, who is a proper charmer. He absolutely loves everyone, and is best friends (he thinks) with every dog he meets. He absolutely loves playing, rough and tumble and tuggy with other dogs are great for him.
Merlin is an absolute gentleman on the lead, and you barely know he’s there, however, typically as a young lurcher he can develop…erm…selective hearing offlead.
Merlin is crate trained and house trained, and definitely needs other dogs to live with, in his eyes, the more the merrier. He thinks cats are far far too over exciting, so no small furries, but he’s a very amenable lad and children are no issue, with the understanding that he’s a boisterous, leggy puppy who may be a little clumsy.
his gorgeous boy needs consistency and stability and he is a sweetheart who needs playtime, moderate exercise and some brain work to tire and calm him.
If you have space for this beautiful lad, please send us a form here