Jack O Lantern – **Rehomed**

Jack o lantern is a high energy dog, who will need a home that can harness that and direct it through lots of positive training and activities. He is handsome and fun, full of character and absolutely loves life and people in it. He is only about a year old, and treats the world like the floppy puppy he is ? he is more than likely a collie x springer who is about 22kg and a pure hunk of love ?
Jack loves to run, is currently being longlined on a 20m line so that he can stretch his legs, having 3 walks a day plus ball play in the garden. His recall is not reliable yet as he is very excited by scents and wildlife, and this would need to continue to be worked on to get him offlead, which he would absolutely love to be able to do.
Jack’s favourite things in life are carrying things around, playing fetch and cuddles, oh and treats! He is very fast over the ground and
would do well in a dog sport home that has the time and skill he needs to channel his energy.
If bored, he could become destructive and disruptive, though, so it’s important that his needs are met properly so he has positive experiences.
Jack is very good with other dogs and would love a home with another dog who can match his energy, but would be too much for older or smaller dogs, and be wants a play mate ideally, or a home with lots of exercise.
Jack is crate and house trained, and is an all round lovely tempered, kind hearted boy who so deserves his family now. Jack would suit a family with older children, he has absolutely no malice, but is bouncy and little ones wouldn’t enjoy his loving advances ?
Jack is currently in foster in St Albans, Herts and if you are interested in him please fill out this form and please note that we are unable to return all enquiries.