Halle Berry **Rehomed**

Meet the gorgeous little Halle Berry who is a 10 week old firecracker of a puppy who joined us from the pound recently. We believe she is a mixed breed of something like Patterdale x whippet as she is a slim little lady with slender legs.
Halle was found with a sore left foreleg which we have had x-rayed and shows no damage, so will need no further treatment. She doesn’t care a jot, and hasn’t listened to the instructions to take it easy and is like a mini version of tigger ????
Halle has started all her basic training, but as with all youngsters, she will need kind, calm and consistent boundaries, as well as requiring a lot of input initially to round her into a sociable and worldy wise adult.
Halle will benefit from existing well mannered and well trained house mates ideally, who can help her learn the ropes, and someone around the majority of the time to teach her life skills.
Halle is currently in foster in Arlesey, Beds and if you are interested in her please fill out this form and please note that we are unable to return all enquiries ????
If you are completing the form, please put as much information in there including your working times, your training skills and intentions, and the components of your house both humans and animals. Halle will be trainable to live with all animals.