Florence **Rehomed**

Meet Florence who is a gorgeous 4 month old lurcher pup ????
She has come from an undersocialised background, but is making huge progress and is learning all about the world really quickly ❤️
Florence is inherently a timid soul, who likes to watch and wait before she joins in, but although tentative, she is very playful and doing well at getting out and about.
Florence is house trained, crate trained and fine to be left for a few hours. She is a super young pup, who thrives in the company of other dogs and will want a doggy pal or more in her new home.
Florence will be fine with older children who know to let her approach them and won’t scare her with loud noises, and will likely want to cuddle up on the sofa given half a chance.
Florence is in foster in Baldock, Herts and is ready for her new home now. Florence does have some travel sickness which will need to continue to be worked on, but hasn’t stopped her going to Devon for a holiday with her foster brothers and sisters!
If you are interested in her please fill out this form and please note that we are unable to return all enquiries ????