Bonsai **Rehomed**

Bonsai is a lovely scruffy 6 year old terrier mix boy of medium size. He’s a bouncy lad who loves nothing more than a bit of fun, ball games, a long walk and then a cuddle up on the sofa. 
Bonsai is very dog friendly and loves making and spending time with other dogs, although he can be a little overzealous with his friendships, if another dog tells him to give space, he does. Bonsai likes children but is quite bouncy and becomes easily over excited, so older children or visiting ones who aren’t too busy/noisy (8+ approximately) would suit him. Bonsai has lived with cats and again, is a little excitable but never aggressive. 
Bonsai was initially very unsettled but has really calmed down and become a much better, well rounded and contented pet. Bonsai can be left, but we are looking for a home with flexibility of work hours to help him settle in and feel at home.
If you feel that Bonsai would be a perfect new friend for your home, please fill out a form here