Bhindi – **Rehomed**

Meet beautiful fluffy 6 month old Bhindi, who was signed over to a vets for putting to sleep after a significant RTA ? Thankfully the superb vets pinned and plated her back leg, and relocated her dislocated front leg, and gave her the chance of a new start ?
Bhindi is utterly stunning, and is friendly, affectionate, bold and inquisitive as a normal kitten should be. Bhindi is playful and is happy to go with both dogs and cats and has no fear at all.
Clearly Bhindi will need further time to recover and will be gradually improving her strength over the coming few weeks, but she is doing so well that the time has come to find her forever family. Bhindi will be fine with other animals, and will be happy with older children who aren’t likely to be overbearing or to be a falling risk on her.
Bhindi is in foster in Arlesey, Beds and is ready to find her family now, so please only apply for her here if you are ready and in a position to proceed with adoption immediately after application