Beatrice 6yr Pug **Rehomed**

Meet 6 year old Beatrice the little pugtato 😊.
Beatrice had a nasty pyometra which needed an emergency spay and her owners handed her over to the vets to be put to sleep… luckily the vets are incredible, and worked their magic to not only save her life but also to find her a rescue space.
Beatrice is everything friendly, children, dogs, cats you name it…. she is an absolute poppet of a little dog who loves nothing more than to snuggle up
Beatrice needs a doggy companion to cuddle up to, as she does not really like being left, so a doggy friend definitely helps to bolster this for her.
Beatrice could fit into many homes, but would especially like at least one dog friend, company the majority of the time, and short walks suitable for brachycephalic breed.