Springtail 20m Cockerpoo

Springtail (Springy) is a gorgeous 20 month old chocolate cockerpoo. She is completely blind but she doesn’t let this stop her, her listening skills are very good and she is an absolute sweetheart, and a very gentle, if a little clingy soul.

Since coming into foster she has really grown in confidence and she now plays and bounces just like any other puppy. She is very gentle and affectionate and loves to curl up with her humans and is well socialised with dogs, cats and kittens and also children.

Once she’s learned the lay of her new home and has figured out where the walls and doors are and her food and water bowls are she’s happy to go about her business. We are still working on toilet training but she is doing well, putting her out at regular intervals is key as with all puppies but this will be key when she is moved to a new environment.

Springy is also epileptic, she has had some seizures which have been closely monitored and as of yet not required medication, she has been clear of a seizure for over a fortnight now, but they seem to be triggered by tiredness associated with over stimulation. We are looking for a very special home for this young lady, ideally someone with experience of similar issues, and with a kind and calm manner who will continue to allow springtail to flourish. Springtail is happiest pottering around the garden or meeting people for low level stimulation, longer walks seem to be associated with seizures and as a result, we would like Springtail’s new family to understand that she needs time to gradually acclimatise to a new environment and be allowed time to not feel stressed.

If you think you would have a potential home for this beautiful baby, please send us a form here we will be particularly interested in those who have experience of similar conditions. Luna will cover springtail’s epileptic management x