Dobi Large Crossbreed

Dobi is a 2 year old medium/large crossbreed. He is very intelligent with a tendency to be dominant. Dobi is looking for forever people who can be firm, consistent, dedicated to ongoing training and provide lots of mental and physical stimulation. No small furries. He has a tendency to mouthing which is improving but teenage children only. Dobi is in foster with other dogs and can be rather over zealous. He has tended to lunge and bark at other dogs when on a walk but is improving daily with lots of loose lead walking and clear instruction on what behaviour is expected. He thrives on food orientated positive training. His new home should preferably be “only dog”. Dobi likes a garden space to run and play but can jump high and scale lower fences. Six foot fencing ideal.

If you are interested in giving Dobi the forever home he deserves please Contact Us