Charades **Rehomed**

Charades is only 8 months but boy does he have a story to tell. He’s lost a front leg courtesy of a really nasty break which wouldn’t heal (but don’t tell him that as he believes he’s Superman).

This boy is a cuddly, snuggly, bundle of fun and frolics, and you’d never believe he as a limb missing. He loves a cuddle on the sofa, is totally not phased in any way by other animals and is a fab house guest- he’s litter trained and loves being inside with people so would be happy as a house bunny or once acclimatised in appropriate weather could go out.

We’d absolutely love him to have a Mrs Bunny, but bonding would need to be done with care and ensuring he was kept safe, as, despite, what he believes, he actually is one leg down 😂.

Please fill out a form here if you feel you can offer charades the home he deserves.